How To Turn Naturally For A Better Golf Swing

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How To Turn Naturally For A Better Golf Swing
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A natural golf swing turn that is obvious and simple can be attained with a tiny bit of imagination to enhance the feel you want in your swing. Here Alex Fortey, Founder of The Art of Simple golf shares just how to feel a safe, powerful, strain free golf swing turn..

It requires a little bit imagination but if you can understand this feel it will transform your golf swing with every single club.

Too many golfers restrict the lower body trying to create the x factor in golf. We are not meant to turn over the lower back. It’s much more effective for a safe and simple golf swing if you allow your pelvis and back to turn as one.

If you imagine you have a barbell across your shoulders.. This will allow a smooth turn in your golf swing. TO allow a full turn, you will notice you have to let your hips and knees to support a bit turn. This is what you would do naturally if you had a heavy weight across your shoulders.

So try some golf swings staying around a central point and don’t restrict. You will have better balance, power in your golf swing and consistency.

You should do what feels good for your body and style…

NOT someone else’s.

To illustrate this, I’ve put together the video you see above where I break down some of the golfing world’s greatest strikers – both past and present – so you can see this principle in action for yourself.

As you can see, all these players haven’t tried to copy anyone else’s swing. Instead, they’ve found the swing that works for them.

And if you want to find your own natural swing and unlock your full power, control, and range of motion, then you need to check out my new program, Instinctive Golf, by clicking the link in the description or going to
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