How To Use The Sledgehammer To Improve Power & Fitness

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Use of the sledgehammer as an exercise in gyms has exploded over the past 5-10 years mainly due to the evolution of Crossfit.
But where they see this as an exercise just for fitness we use this as a key exercise for enhancing coordination and timing with people for sports and even rehabilitation!
Exercises like this, the sled, battling ropes, even walking up stairs require fast powerful movements to ensure the timing is correct and make the body move efficiently.
It is when these movements are performed too slowly that massive problems are encountered.
We see this with beginners and in particular with females.
It is not the lack of strength that is their problem, rather the lack of speed, power, coordination and timing.
In fact they need much more strength than required for they often move too slow.
This video we show you how to break this pattern of movement into chunks to learn how to get it right everytime.
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Power is the ability to exert maximum muscular contraction instantly in an explosive burst of movements (golf swing, jumping or sprint starting). In order to produce power, the athlete must be able to efficiently stabilize the body, handle fast deceleration forces, and explosively coordinate and activate the appropriate muscles to produce the desired explosive movement. Most athletic activities require some combination of speed, quickness and strength with varying amounts of endurance. All require elements of explosive power. Whether it is needed to move explosively to hit a golf ball, jump, sprint, tackle an opponent, react to an unpredictable tactic, the need to produce power is an essential. Traditional training techniques using slow, controlled tempos; decrease your power ability. If you do not train power, you will not develop power, or conversely to quote the old coaching adage, “train slow, be slow”

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