Hypnosis For Golf: Golf hypnosis to play better golf, improve your swing, techniques and confidence

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If you listen to this play better golf hypnosis audio regularly and want to skip the introduction and go straight into the trance experience, please click the link below.

This hypnosis for golf and golf hypnosis audio track will help you play better golf, improve your swing, technique confidence by using the power of your mind to eliminate limiting beliefs and achieve your short- and long-term performance goals – whether that’s breaking 100 for the first time, shooting your lowest ever score, or winning a monthly medal, your club championship… or even landing your first major!!

In listening to this golf hypnosis audio session to play better golf you are among the few golfers who understand that, alongside your physical coaching and practice, engaging your mind in proactive and positive visualisation at a conscious and subconscious level is a foundation of playing better golf and continual improvement… and in taking your game to new levels… while a clear intellectual mind, free from negative thoughts, will enhance your game management and your on-course decision-making and strategy.

After all, many famous golfers, including the legendary Jack Nicklaus, have said that golf is a sport that is mainly played in the six inches between the ears – the mind.

In this session you will learn how to make immediate and lasting improvements to your game in five key areas.

1. Develop a more positive mindset – where you approach each round with the expectation that you will play well rather than worrying or fearing that you will play badly.
2. Develop a more resourceful and analytical approach to your golf, so you will more easily identify areas for improvement and the required solutions.
3. Overcome problem shots in your game by improving your technique and building your confidence.
4. Eliminate the negative self-talk and visualisation that often leads to a lack of confidence and inhibited, fearful play.
5. Adopting a more rational, clear-headed and positive approach to the game will result in better on course strategy, shot selection and decision-making.


Why is it that some golfers are always able to perform at their very best in competition while you struggle to find your game when it really matters?

How is it that some golfers play without any trace of fear, while nerves get the better of you and constantly cause you to under-perform?

Why do players with much lesser natural skill and ability consistently outscore you, while you come up short through poor decision-making, a lack of self-belief or a lack of commitment?

Or quite simply, after playing golf for many years and having had many lessons, why you are still stuck on the same handicap and struggle to make any meaningful, significant improvement?

If any of the above scenarios sound familiar, it is highly likely that you will find this guided meditation and self-hypnosis session especially useful. This session combines elements of the very latest neuroscience, neuro-linguistic programming, solution-focused hypnotherapy, and practical real-life processes used by leading PGA Tour professionals.