I trained like Bryson and Increase my MAX Club head speed 7+mph. HERE IS HOW. Be Better Golf

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This is how I got the fastest clubhead speed of my life!. I did this before using Phil’s method over a year ago but it was just with a stick and I had a hard time translating it to a golf club. With this method I was very encouraged because I was able to SWING A GOLF CLUB 124 mph which SO different than swinging a stick fast.

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This is the Swing Radar I use (the blue one seems more accurate than the green one. Also my club head speed numbers on Flightscope and on Foresight are exactly the same as this small unit, I think decuase I still have the iridescent stickers on my driver)

For my Heart Rate I am using this Fitbit which I have found a lot of golf uses for.

These are my favorite kind of foam balls, I think hitting foam balls as fast as possible is a hidden key.

This is a rubber tee and holder which you have to use every time you train speed. DO NOT jut do total dry swings. You have to be aiming at something or you won’t build the speed where it counts. A rubber tee is perfect because u usually don’t have to move it.

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Building Your REACTIONARY Golf swing

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