Impact Position Using the Bungeeclub – Golfs Best Training Aid

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If you want to have more power in your golf swing then the impact position is what you need to focus on. The Bungeeclub swing trainer will help you find that power when you keep the bungee cord touching the left forearm thru the impact position.

Just about all the other positions in the golf swing don’t even really matter when compared to the impact position. If you have the correct impact position you are going to hit the ball farther and straighter than any one else.

Using the Bungeeclub training aid, you will be able to know that you are in the correct position every time that you swing the golf club. With the instant feedback that you get, you are going to be able to feel when it is right and immediately know when the impact position is wrong.

Follow this guide and watch your golf soar thru the air like a pro. Farther and straighter drives can be yours with the Bungeeclub.

The Bungee club will help you with 10 different swing problems that are preventing your from improving your golf game. These 10 swing fundamentals that you must have for a consistent swing and a better game are as follows:

Your grip
Your stance/posture
Your take-away
Your extension as you turn away from the ball
Your position at the top of your swing
Your transition—from the top of your swing to your impact position
Your impact position-the moment of truth in your swing!
Your follow through
Your timing and rhythm
Your overall balance
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