Improve your putting – Training aids will help you – Part 1

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Good putting is important to lower scores. The question is “how do I become a good putter?” First of all, you may already think you are a good putter. My response as a golf instructor is that you could be better. The best players in the world spend about 55% to 70% of their time working on short game. Putting is by far the most important part of it. In order to be one of the best players in the world, you must drop 10 to 15 footers with some sort of consistency. Of course, all great players have off days. The trick is that when you are off, you never have 3 putts.

To help yourself, invest in some putting tools, devices or aids. There are also some home made tools you can create by doing some searching online. The easiest drill is a chalk line, which you could buy at any Home Depot. Another easy drill is a couple of pencils with a string attached to them. These two drills are excellent and extremely cost affective for any golfer.

Let’s talk about some great putting aids you can purchase. A couple of my favorite companies to work with are Momentus Golf and Eyeline Golf. Momentus Golf has three putting aids that I use frequently. They are: The Worlds #1 Putting Drill, Inside Down the Line Putting Track and Inside Down the Line Short Track. Eyeline Golf also has some excellent tools to help you improve and they are: Eyeline Original Putting Mirror and the Eyeline Alignment Mirror. All these tools and drills are simple and easy to perform. It doesn’t hurt to have a PGA Teaching Professional check you out and make sure you are using them properly.

Recently, I gave a putting lesson using the Worlds #1 Putting Drill from Momentus. The lesson went very well, because my student had never used any sort of putting training aid. We started by showing him where he was aimed, walked through his routine and then got the ball rolling. What I liked most was that he had a couple of rehearsal thoughts and then rolled the ball. He didn’t waist much time. Staying in motion without freezing over the ball will help to avoid over thinking and second guessing yourself. Therefore, if you use a good training aid and develop a steady and consistent routine, you could improve your putting rather quickly. Stay meticulous about the process in preparing for a putt. Have a routine and execute that routine. Even if you make one or two more putts a round, you’ll see your scores come down.

In summary, you must get the ball to drop in the hole. Talk through your putting thoughts with a PGA Teaching Professional. If anything, he or she can help you to keep your mind focused on the key components to rolling the ball with more consistency. When you are playing on the course, stop being meticulous and simply stroke the putt. Expect the ball to go in the hole and understand that sometimes it won’t.

All the best in golf,

Greg Greksa
PGA Professional
Director of Instruction