Improve Your Shoulder Plane with a Flagstick

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Golf Instruction Drill

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard a LOT of talk about the ‘Swing Plane’ of the golf club. This was especially made popular several years ago by the great work my friend Jim Hardy did with the ‘One Plane Swing’. (If you’re not familiar with a One Plane Swing, it’s where you’re left arm is parallel to the shoulder plane on the backswing).

You’ll notice however, that there are legions of great players who weren’t on plane on the backswing and played from an upright position; such as Jack Nicklaus, Fred Couples, Raymond Floyd, Jim Furyk, etc.

What I don’t hear that much about is the actual Shoulder Plane, which I think is far more important than the actual shaft plane on the backswing. Remember “BIG MUSCLES CONTROL LITTLE MUSCLES” (i.e. the shoulders have control over the hands and arms).

Research has shown us that the Left Shoulder in the Golf Swing actually ‘Goes Down’ around 4-6 inches on the backswing, which puts it right underneath the chin. Ben Hogan said that his left shoulder would get so ‘snug’ under his chin that over time, the stubble of his whiskers would wear a hole in his shirts!

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