Jason Day’s Golf Swing Secrets Revealed by Hank Haney | Swing Analysis | Golf Digest

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Hank Haney breaks down Jason Day’s golf swing.

Everybody wants to know,
how does Jason Day hit the ball so far?
He has a relaxed hand and arm swing
and a big arc, and that’s how he does it.
Let’s take a look at his swing here.
There’s a lot of extension with this arms.
Big, full arc, but notice how relaxed his hands and arms are
all the way to the finish.
That is something that every amateur golfer
could learn from.
But before we even get started,
I want to show you a couple things
that are really important in Jason Day’s routine
that would help any golfer who plays the game.
First thing, Jason is lookin’ at his intermediate target.
Look where his eyes are lookin’.
So, he’s lookin’ at a spot that’s four or five feet
in front of the gold ball
and that’s where he’s trying
to get the golf ball to start over.
So he lines up first the club face
to that intermediate target
and then his whole body is lined up to that.
Now what he’s doing is he’s just checking
to make he’s lined up correctly.
This is a key point.
Most amateur golfers pay no attention
to an intermediate target.
Another thing I want you to look at is his club.
Look at the loft that he has on his golf club.
This is a ten and / degree lofted driver.
Most amateur golfers use drivers even less loft than this
and this is Jason Day, the PGA champion.
One of the longest hitters on the PGA tour
with a and / degree lofted driver.
If you slice the golf ball and you have less loft than this
you’re gonna slice the golf ball even worse.
So, get a lofted driver like Jason Day has.
Also, notice how high he has the golf ball teed up.
About half the ball is above the club face.
And that’s the position that you want
for just a normal, basic drive.
Now when he takes the golf club back,
he’s gonna swing the golf club back away
from the golf ball and on plane.
But he rehearses it first.
Look at the little waggle he does
before he swings the golf club back here.
That is a great little motion to practice
his takeaway and to get him
in a relaxed position.
Check your intermediate target.
Use a driver with more loft.
Tee the ball up so half the ball is above the club.
And do a little waggle to rehearse
where you want to take the golf club back
and relax you before you do it.

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Jason Day’s Golf Swing Secrets Revealed by Hank Haney | Swing Analysis | Golf Digest