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The best way to get good at a golf is to swing a golf club everyday for as long as it takes you to teach yourself the best way the swing a golf club. Simple, BUT, you have to used when you learned how to ride a two wheel bike or how you mastered driving a car, it’s got to be everyday for as long as it takes you to master the golf swing, I did it or a year, and I pretty sure my golf swing is pretty awesome now. When I filmed this video, my golf swing was not good.
What my invention does that no other practice apparatus can do is; it calms you and lets you repeat your swing enabling you to focus on the Art of hitting the target and the mechanics of the swing in the most proficient way possible, while at the same time it gives you a good full body workout. And when you learn how to do that you are on your way to being the best you can be at hitting a golf ball the same way a pro does. You really can be a GOLF CLUB SWING MARSTER, if you want to be. I’m trying to be and I know you can do it, if you want to be.

And the only way to do that is; PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! And that’s a fact
If you can’t find the time or money to play golf all the time my invention is a tool that will get you swinging the golf club for what 9 holes of golf cost’s, but my invention will last for a lot longer than a season of golf. And you can keep it outside year round, in snow or rain and it will hold up and be there for you to use whenever.
What’s better than that.
This is another try of mine to get one the big sporting companies like NIKE to look at this because I think that everyone needs one of these, especially if YOU BELIEVE IN PRACTICE.
I’m proof it works because since I filmed this video my swing is spot on and I’m playing the best golf of my life and swinging and hitting the ball like a Pro. And what’s better than that if you like playing golf?
This comes in a variety of different apparatuses for different sports