Juggling Golf Training, Practice, Play, Fitness with Family, Work & Fun

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Difficulty of playing golf, golf training, working and balancing with family. You want to improve your golf and your golf fitness but you have work, you have a life.

Unlike a the PGA tour players who have the time in the world to develop the golf fitness and golf games with training. Practice sessions, a few rounds of golf and life take up a lot of time. Myself included, juggling the playing, golf training, coaching, golf academies, tournaments and Athletic Golf Training is time consuming and challenging. What can I say t help you improve that. Being time efficient with your golf training is the key.

Perhaps not always playing 18 with your buddies is the best thing, maybe 9 holes is good enough or maybe a practice session then 9 holes is a better use of time. it can still be competitive. Perhaps you do a good warm up hit a few balls, hip and put, then play 9 holes followed by a good golf practice session to work on the weakest parts of your game. Tha is a very important trick to follow. Another big important golf tip to follow is when you are practicing have a game plan, have an idea of what you want or need to work on to improve your golf swing an what youa re going to practice that day or session.

Even if it is just one golf swing drill your are trying to work on one or two shot shapes, or particular shots and distances on the chipping short game.

The same applies to your golf fitness, make sure you know exactly what you are doing to execute a golf workout fully. Don’t waste your time scouring all over the internet trying this and that golf exercise. Follow a specific golf program blueprint that suits your abilities.. Then you can execute it. Then you don’t have to think about it as much to commit and dedicate to it. Now you can dedicate, 2 maybe 3 hours a week to my golf workouts and programs, my health and fitness and my golf game by develping my physique and I am going to dedicate an hours practice, play 9 holes and maybe 18 holes once a week.

You then execute that plan as best as you can, there will be ups and downs but simplify by knowing what practice sessions, golf workouts you are going to do beforehand because I know how hard it is to juggle everything and you have the passion that binds us all in that you want to improve your golf, life and physique.

You need to be time efficient with your golf training, when yo are practicing your golf you need to have a game plan, what are you going to be working on and practicing that day.

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