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These KETTLEBELL CORE EXERCISES will give you a great ab workout! Watch this video so you will know exactly how to do these movements with proper technique! Today, Human 2.0 Coach Emma Bissonnette will go over three different kettlebell core exercises – the kettlebell Russian twist, the kettlebell pullover, and the kettlebell “beast” drag – all of which you can incorporate into your routine as part of an ab workout or a larger workout in general.

In fact, Emma doesn’t recommend doing all three of these exercises together in one workout. She recommends doing one at a time as part of a sequence of other strength and conditioning exercises. One thing that people make the mistake of doing is over-doing the abs when they workout. It’s about balance remember – not just crunching away or doing abs until you collapse. And abs are made in the kitchen anyway, so you shouldn’t worry about doing that.

These kettlebell core exercises and ab workout drills are fairly challenging and definitely not for beginners. If you want to make these exercises easier, it’s recommended to do the without weight or with a very light dumbbell to start.

Once you’ve worked your way up, you can give these kettlebell core exercises and ab workout drills a try, but remember to always pay close attention to form and work mindfully through the movements. If you find that your technique starts to fail at any time, either take a break or do the movement without the weight. Better to do less properly than to do more improperly and risk hurting yourself.

With these kettlebell core exercises, you will develop overall body awareness, coordination, proprioception, physical literacy skills, AND core strength obviously. As you can see these movements are good for more than just doing an ab workout. Incorporate these kettlebell core exercises into your fitness routine today. Don’t be afraid to give them a try!

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