Killer Core Strength Workout

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Workout: Killer Core Strength

– 25 minutes
– 20 seconds on, 20 second break
– 3x circuits with 1:30 rest in between each

Exercise 1: Front Plank with Foot Taps (20 seconds)
Exercise 2: Pallof Press (20 seconds each side)
Exercise 3: Single Leg Balance with Halo (20 seconds each side)
Exercise 4: Front Plank with Row (20 seconds each side)
Exercise 5: Pallof Core Shuffle (20 seconds each side)
Exercise 6: Band Core Rotations (20 seconds each side)
Exercise 7: Pallof Glute Bridges (20 seconds each side)
Exercise 8: Overhead Core Halo (20 seconds)

– TB12 Handled Resistance Bands

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