Lower Body Exercises for Golfers to Help Improve Balance

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Today I’m going to focus on how we can improve balance through our lower body training. Many traditional exercises, like squats and deadlifts, are done on two legs. This is great for getting strong, but it does not challenge our balance as much. During the golf swing, we end up with different amounts of pressure under each foot at different points of the swing. The ability to control the shift of that pressure plays a large roll in being balanced.

In order to improve that ability, it’s important that we do some of our training on one leg. In today’s video, I show how you can progress two traditional bilateral exercises to more balance challenging single leg versions. The first progression is a supported single leg exercise. Sort of like training wheels. The second progression is a true single leg exercise requiring control of the body in all three planes of motion.

Try adding these exercises into your programming. They all have value. The one I would choose for my client would be the one the challenges the quality I’m trying to improve and based on their ability to express their intent in the exercise.

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