Malaska Golf // Reverse Club Swing – Feel for Wrist Hinge in Full Swing

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A Malaska Golf member from Florida stated: I think I’ve struggled to feel that wrist extension in the backswing and at the top to insure I’m moving from wrist extension to wrist inflection during the downswing. I’ve ben using your methods for a few weeks now with varying results, struggling to get the feel and with things as I’ve described. I’m ready to try this focus on the wrist tomorrow at my round, and am hoping it’s the key to more consistent striking of the ball. I also played a lifetime of golf with rotation of the forearms and the late lag and flip. Thanks for your instruction, Mike. Also, I keep seeing pictures of Tiger in his early days and could swear his downswing mimics your instruction.

My answer is simple: Feeling how the club works is very important. Start letting the club do the work for you.

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