Mental Game – Golf Pre-Shot Routine Tips

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Pre-Shot Routine in Golf – Golf lesson and golf tips on the importance of establishing a repeatable pre-shot routine that will maximise your chances of hitting good shots, reliably.

► Golf Pre-Shot Routine Tips – Video Golf Lesson Summary

Most golfers have a pre-shot routine, although they might not realize it. Carefully planning that routine is key to scoring low.

Be wary of the waggle as you address the ball while setting up. This is especially true for golfers that might already have quite enough or too much wrist action in their swing. Instead, try doing little takeaways instead of focusing exclusively on your wrist action.

Start your pre-shot routine by correctly aligning yourself for a shot, looking at the target from behind the ball and perhaps picking a detail in front of the ball that will help keep you on target.

You may then go to your ball and perform a practice swing or two, inside of the ball. While you perform your first practice swing it might be useful to think of a couple of things you are currently focusing on in your swing. Your second practice swing should be executed without any swing thoughts at all.

If you are somehow distracted during the course of your pre-shot routine, feel comfortable to restart the routine from the beginning.

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