Michael Carroll-Fit for Golf (Full Interview) Ep. #009 | Golf 360 Podcast

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Michael Carroll (Twitter: @Fit_For_Golf, Instagram: fit_for_golf, Facebook: @fitforgolf18) is a Strength & Conditioning Coach from Cork, Ireland who now practices and resides in Irvine, California. He has honors degrees in Sports and Exercise Science, is a TPI Level 3 instructor, and is an accredited Strength & Conditioning coach with the UK Strength & Conditioning Association. Simply put he makes people better at golf.

Michael uses what he refers to as the 5 pillars: 1) motor control, 2) mobility/flexibility, 3) stability, 4) strength, and 5) power to ensure his student’s bodies are ready to handle the stresses put on it by playing golf. He’s worked with golfers of all levels, from beginners to professionals, to ensure their bodies will allow them to perform to their maximum. Be sure to also check out his online ‘Fit for Golf: Warm-Up Manual’ for improved performance.

In today’s show, we talk about all these things and how you can utilize them through Michael’s ‘Fit for Golf App online. We get into golf-specific training, what you should stay away from, and what everyone is looking for ‘How to gain more distance through training in the gym.’

What is The Golf Paradigm (Pair-a-dime)?
The Golf Paradigm is a theory that encompasses a Whole-In-One approach to improvement. It begins with the overall paradigm; i.e. the game of golf. Followed by two parts that are always to remain in balance; i.e. the golf yin/yang – ‘improving’ and ‘enjoyment’. Helping to maintain that balance are the 5 elements of the game; the swing, club fitting, health/fitness, mental, and integration. Knowing which area to focus on and how the other areas supplement that helps to form the golfers ‘recipe’ for improvement. As the golfer improves their recipe, or what is focused on, changes and this is what allows them to reach levels of play they never thought possible. It’s not magical, but it’s close.

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