Mike Bender Training Aid: Swingyde

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2009 PGA of America National Teacher of the Year, Mike Bender, shows you how to use one of his recommended elite training aids: the swingyde.

The Swingyde is a very important tool that guarantees the correct wristcock throughout the golf swing. The swingyde when used correctly will rest on the forearm when the wrists have cocked correctly on the backswing and rest again on the forearm on the follow through to keep the club going on the correct swing plane (does not include instructional video, use of the swingyde is demostrated in Golf Lessons with Mike Bender DVD).

The Swingyde training system is one of the most effective golf training tools ever designed. Used and recommended by thousands of teaching professionals — including Jim Flick — co-founder of the Jack Nicklaus/Flick Golf Schools – and Ben Jackson – coach of Brad Faxon & Kenny Knox.

Suitable for men or ladies, right or left handers, the Swingyde pack includes one Swingyde, a sweatband, printed instruction sheet, and a FREE 14 Minute Instruction DVD featuring world renowned golf instructor Jim Flick.

Swingyde attaches onto the grip to provide instant tactile feedback and ensures that the wrists are properly hinged and the clubface is square. Most players have very little idea of what their clubface is doing at the top of their swing. The next time you see a friend make a golf swing, ask them to take it to the top of the backswing and hold the position. Ask them if they’re square and see what they say. “I don’t know,” or “I think so”, will be the two most common replies.

The two primary functions of the Swingyde are to (a) Serve as a reference that indicates what the hands & wrists are doing, and thus the clubface. (b) Ensure the proper amount of wrist cock. It is common for players to overcock the wrists in an effort to produce more power. An additional benefit is that the Swingyde will help guide the player into the proper swing plane. Attach the Swingyde on the grip of the club approximately 2 to 3 inches above where the shaft meets grip, square to the clubface, and get ready for an instant lesson!