More Golf Power | Drive and Hammer The Nail For Your Best Golf Swing

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Do you want to need more golf power? Are you looking for how to improve golf swing?
Shawn Clement from The Art Of Simple Golf explain’s in this golf lesson to drive and hammer the nail for your best golf swing. Learn more at

Do you know how to improve golf swing? how to do best golf driver swing? If you want to know the best golf drill so that this golf power swing lesson videos is for you. This golf lesson video is designed by The Art Of Simple Golf to teach you the best golf swing drill.
Power golf drive is an iconic shot of golf to increase driver distance in golf.
BY watching this video you’ll learn how to drive a golf ball and like your hands is a hammer. This is a powerful golf drive to enhance your golf swing drills. This is our another exclusive golf swing tips for them who learn more about golf swing and how to improve golf swing dramatically.
So let’s watch this video and learn the best golf driver swing.

In this video Shawn Clement present with another fabulous golf swing tip on how to get you more power in your swing.

Imagine, you have a hammer in your hands, now If I’m hammering the nail straight down into the ground that would look like this wouldn’t it.
So, notice how you take the hammer, the two bones of your arm the radius and the ulna. Now stacked on top of one another and I’m driving the nail downwards.
Notice the angle of my head.
Notice my shoulders everything’s quite level.
Even a little tilted forward.
In golf, we’re driving that way the targets over there. So, now I’m gonna set up in a way where I can drive the energy of my swing.

In this direction, notice How I just did that. Look where my hand is now and look where the two bones of my arm are now. They’re stacked this way driving in that direction.

Now, again, I’m gonna hammer this way so now you’re hammering like this. This is a very weak way to hammer that’s when you feel very flippy and your wrists where as this is where, so if you take it with both hands this is me driving down. So that’s why you must air and give that strong grip a chance when you’ve got a strong grip.

You’re basically hammering in that direction. You don’t want to take a strong grip and then try to hammer at the ball that’s when you get your low snap hooks and all that beautiful power has been wasted to the left.

You want to take this power and send it out toward the target that’s the key. So I have my door frame.

I’m driving through the doorframe in that direction so when I take my driver essentially what we’re doing is we’re hammering slightly up. So watch what happen, I’m driving down on the ball. See how close that face is there’s my neutral grip and now I want to drive toward the target.

So look at that when I did my clubface is now no longer, closed its square and notice the alignment of my anatomy is now moving toward the target. So you notice how my body tilts to the side not off balance that would not allow me to have a proper kinetic chain.

Now, it feels like I can take the weight of that hammer and deliver it all the way out, towards my target. So I pick my target hammering down, hammering through all right now. It feels like I can go through the tip of the tee with the weight of my hammer.

Here we go, gather the weight deliver through.

Enjoy you guys and let me know where you confused by write down a comment.


Shawn Clement


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