Nonstop Rotation Expands Golf Swing Potential

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Tour caliber golfers hit deep drives while making their golf swings look like afterthoughts.

Such natural movements come way of the non stop rotation found during a properly executed golf swing.

Tour players and seasoned amateurs are well versed in how to optimize their body rotation in the interest of creating the best drive possible.

George Gankas golf lessons have gained huge popularity with golfers actively searching for to the point instruction that achieves immediate results when applied correctly.

The GG Swing Method, comprised of hours of focused and detailed George Gankas golf lessons, has taken the internet by storm – with many of George’s students applying his teachings to great success, most recently Matthew Wolff.

Gankas has a no nonsense approach to golf instruction, which has made the GG Swing Method one of the most popular coaching series for golfers over the recent years.

George teaches natural, non stop body rotation throughout his golf lessons, which has been a cornerstone in achieving a player’s optimal golf swing.

There are several body rotations at play during any given time while swinging a golf club, all of which carry a level of importance and influence over the resulting shot being a success or failure.

An early red flag that Gankas and other golf instructors can identify in a player’s golf swing appears through the way they rotate their shoulders.

Most lackluster shots are taken by players who are in the habit of rotating their shoulders backward, parallel with the ground.

Rotating our shoulders in this way can pose a host of issues for the player, which can be the root cause for most slices and pulled shots on the golf course.

Despite giving the player the sensation of an organic muscle movement in their shoulder, rotating this way ignores the fact that swing planes in golf do not directly aligned with the turf below the player, as may be the case with other sports involving swinging.

Because successful golf shots are taken on a slanted swing plane, our clubface can easily become centered to make a strong impact with the ball, thanks to our shoulder rotating with a slanted alignment with the ground.

While many golfers believe that the key to ripping long distance drives relies on hitting their shots harder, a simple adjustment to their chest rotation can improve their golf swing well beyond their own expectations.

Golf instructors point out that speeding up our chest rotation during our golf swing will drastically improve the distance achieved during our normal driver shots.

Moving our chest faster during our swings will carry our club through the shot with our dominant arm rather than using the force of our other arm in order to provide the energy to rip through the ball upon impact.

Even players who are lacking in physical strength can benefit from speeding up their chest rotation, as this will reduce their reliance on excessive shoulder rotation during their backswing.

Golfers are encouraged to experiment with the speed in their chest rotation through impact, ensuring that they complete their golf swing parallel to their intended target.

Their arms should have the sensation of pulling through impact with the golf ball, rather than having their trail arm push through.

This feeling comes way of preempting their arm drop with the rotation in their chest muscles.

Our chest rotation acts as the final movement in our entire body rotation during our golf swing, culminating at impact and follow through, while adding a considerable amount of force to our clubhead.


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