Oblique Muscle Strain

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Oblique muscle strains are a common sports injury that usually result from a sudden eccentric contraction of the muscle while its in a stretched position.
Oblique muscle strains are linked to sports that require trunk rotation including baseball, cricket, ice hockey, golf, tennis, handball & hurdles.
The oblique muscles play an important role in pitching & hitting. Proper abdominal muscle activation during throwing and swinging is crucial for generating optimal ball velocity & bat speed.
The incidence of oblique muscle strains in MLB has risen over the past 20 years according to a study from 2010.
Injuries opposite to dominant arm or batting side are more common.
Internal & External Oblique Anatomy: Fibers run perpendicular to one another & function to control trunk rotation & lateral flexion.
Symptoms of an oblique muscle strain include pain, discomfort, tenderness & muscle tightness. The symptoms are aggravated by trunk lateral flexion, trunk rotation, aggressive stretching & deep inspiration.
Dr Donald A Ozello DC wishes you success in life and in your athletic endeavors. Train hard, train smart, stay injury free and accomplish your goals.