Overactive hands: learn to hit the ball with the body

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Many people tend to use the hands too much in the golf swing.

This is very understandable. The only contact we have with the club is our grip in the club.

However, the golf swing is far more than a swing from the hands.

To generate the power required to hit the ball 250+ yards we need to make use of the big muscles in the body.

The Shoulders, back, abdominals, legs as well as the hands and arms need to be participating in the swing.

This drill is designed to quieten the hands in the backswing/ takeaway allowing the body to turn and build up some coil and resistance on the backswing.

From there the player should be able to turn the body back towards the target and have the hands, arms and club follow in good sequence with more power and control.

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Filmed at Troon.