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Ladies golfers, do you find that you are picking the club up during your swing? If so, Kim is here to help get that swing just right. Improve your game with American Golf.
You are currently watching a video about a basic swing tip to stop sliding and perfect the rotation in the golf swing. Many golfers actually know how to finish the golf swing and this simple [More]
12 Minutes To SMASH Your Golf Practice – In this video we look at how practicing on the course using random/competitive practice can help golfers improve their scores ►GolfAlong Info ►Download MyRoundPro here ►iOS: [More]
GOLF SETUP – POSTURE – CONSISTENCY Piers and Andy of Meandmygolf analyse 2 subscribers swings and show how a few simple changes in their setup and posture will help them strike the golf ball more [More]
For More information check out For More information on our Golf Performance program check out This one stretch can dramatically benefit you golf game. If the hips are tight, especially the hip flexors, [More]
If you find that your shoulders are holding you back, Golf Digest fitness editor, Ron Kaspriske, demonstrates two exercises and a pre-round warm-up move that can help.
This is a workout to build explosive and stable speed. A Pga tour pro was there finishing up his workout before the season started right as I got there. Super impressive lower body action. Jealous. [More]
Learn more about fixing your golf swing: Learning a sound golf swing takes work, but it’s virtually impossible if you don’t have the right information. The first key is to learn the fundamentals of [More]
Starting your golf swing correctly is absolutely crucial. Having the correct wrist movement, body turn and arm rotation in the initial phase of your back swing will set you up to achieve a great swing [More]