Third and final video in the series looking at how you can gain more distance right through the bag. This video focuses on the driver and show you how using your lower body correctly can [More]
The new golf swing theory “Inertial swing” makes your golf swing efficient. You can buy the “inertial swing program” and get big distance. [ Program Contents ] 1.Practice for using side of trunk 2.Practice for [More]
In this video I compare the swings of Matt Kuchar and Bryson DeChambeau who are both often talked about as being single plane swingers. This is a trailer for my new movie about Ben Hogan! [More]
Learn from Irish golfer Padraig Harrington the key tips on how to improve your golf swing. Learn how to improve your game from the best athletes in the world with “Olympians’ Tips”: Subscribe to [More]
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Golf tips • instruction • lessons • The worst advice golfers can give to each other is ‘keep your head down’!
Director of Instruction at the TruGolf Academy Jon Watts shows you some common triggers used to help start your golf swing, reducing tension. SUBSCRIBE to TruGolf Academy for more videos for FREE. TruGolf Academy is [More] (See link for info) Improve golf swing speed better your golf swing improve golf swings a better golf swing get a better golf swing improve you golf swing drills to improve golf swing improve [More]
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