Patrick Reed's Golf Swing Secrets Revealed by Hank Haney | Swing Analysis | Golf Digest

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A few nitpickers might be quick to point out the unorthodoxies in Patrick Reed’s swing, and yet that somehow hasn’t kept him from winning four PGA Tour titles. Hank Haney explains how not getting everything technically correct doesn’t necessarily keep you from having a good golf swing and getting great results.

Patrick Reed is one of the best
young players on the PGA tour.
He’s got a great golf swing,
but in every golf swing
there’s something fundamentally
that you could probably pick at
and look at it and say,
You know, that’s not quite exactly right.
But the one thing you have to do
is you have to make sure you turn to the golf ball.
You have to finish through the shot.
When you look at Patrick Reed’s setup,
his legs are a little bit closed.
Now look at how his legs are aimed to the right
of where his shoulders are aimed.
I can see a lot of his left leg at address.
Ideally, your legs would be lined up square,
so you shouldn’t be able to see his left leg here.
But his left leg is in the way.
He’s got to somehow get it out of the way.
What he does is quite unique.
If you focus in on his footwork,
as he moves through the golf ball
you’re going to see his left foot
literally jump out of the way
and this is how he clears his lower body into a position
that puts him all the way through the golf ball.
The lesson is, no matter what you do
you’ve got to finish through the golf shot
and don’t feel like you have to be % orthodox doing it.
One way or another, finish through the shot
just like Patrick Reed does there.

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Patrick Reed’s Golf Swing Secrets Revealed by Hank Haney | Swing Analysis | Golf Digest