PERFECT Downswing Sequence Golf Drill

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Many golfers wonder how to start their downswing sequence perfectly, with many novice players unaware of the basic fundamental elements needed to deliver a proper swing sequence.

George Gankas golf drills focus on utilizing a player’s physical strengths while muting their shortcomings, as taught through the GG Swing Method.

GG Swing Method expands on the many amazing golfing techniques found in the ever popular George Gankas golf videos.

The perfect downswing first begins with a proper transition from our backswing, creating one of the single most important movements in our entire golf swing.

Often, golfers will rush through this transition period, entering their downswing too soon, causing their club to move in an unnatural way that leads to missed shots and overall player frustrations.

Starting our downswing acts as one of the most crucial moments in our overall golf swing and must be evaluated with complete focus by the golfer.

The initial move each golfer must back when beginning their downswing movement requires that our body weight be transferred to our lead foot.

Distributing the majority of our body weight on our lead foot allows our hands to drop in place with our arms to the inside of our swing.

Positioning our hands in this manner will assist in generating the needed power to impact the ball with huge force.

Having our weight pointed toward our intended target will provide the need alignment in order to focus all of our energy towards driving the ball where we intend to land.

Our body rotation will be extremely ineffective in the event that our lead foot has been aimed off target.

Frequently, novice golfers will overturn during the beginning of their downswing, causing their hips to overextend during transition.

This damages the overall downswing sequence in that it allows the golfer’s left side to open up widely, resulting in their golf club and arms repelling opposite of their body.

Our overall swing path then becomes out-to-in, which normally will result in a pulled shot or a huge slice, which all golfers aim to avoid.

Many golfers are also simply putting too much speed and force into their backswings, energy that would be better implemented during the downswing sequence of play.

While our backswing sequence serves to purpose of positioning our golf club to transition into downswing, many golfers have severely altered their golf swings simply by swinging their club back too fast.

Believe it or not, you may be slicing your shots simply because of the grip you’re applying to the golf club.

Many golfers playing at the recreational level are notorious for grip complications that end up ruining their swings and shots in the process.

Most commonly, players are gripping the golf club way too tight, causing pulled shots and the unanimously hated slice shots.

Golfers who have been able to relax their grip on the golf club in similar situations find it much easier to square the head at impact, which nearly eliminates all possibilities of slicing the golf ball.

The variety of shoulder rotation hacks, wrist flexion and hand path described in Gankas’ video are all elements that make up a properly executed downswing sequence.

Utilizing the teaching that George applies in his downswing golf lesson has assisted countless golfers around the world, many of whom he has never laid eyes on face to face.

Practicing the drills and tips expressed in the video and this blog will be the true formula for producing a proper downswing and ultimately improving your overall golf swing.


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