PGA Tour Golf Swing Compilation for Testing SwingProfile Golf App

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Swing Profile version 7 is available now, with a 14-day free trial of the Elite version

Compilation of pro swings from TV for testing your SwingProfile golf app. Capture their swing sequence right now by downloading SwingProfile Free Version on your iPhone or iPad!

Don’t under-estimate this golf app on your phone: it is powered with the most advanced golf video analysis technology in the world. Without using any expensive equipments or sensors, SwingProfile automates 5 essential swing analysis tasks in real-time (the “5 Autos” or “5A’s”):
* Auto Capture — detect and record swing motion only
* Auto Trim — keep only the raw 2-second swing motion by trimming away redundant footages
* Auto Sequence — create Golf Digest-style swing sequence
* Auto Line — draw swing plane
* Auto Sync — synchronize two different swings regardless of tempo difference

SwingProfile is the fastest golf analyzer ever. Do a full golf swing, and you can instantly see what each of your key golf positions (such as up-swing) looks like. Coaches worldwide are adopting SwingProfile as their full-time teaching tool.

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