Pilates for golf Linda & Lucy exercise indoors

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Pilates for golf by Pilates expert Linda Segerstam. Linda talks to Ladies European Tour LET golf professional Lucy Goddard in the 4th video about Pilates for golf and how to get back from injury. This video features exercises for the lower back, glutes, legs and shoulders.
Pilates is a great exercise routine for golfers and improves posture, increases stability in joints, improves flexibility & mobility and core strength. Follow Linda and the team as they go through exercises in this short series of videos filmed at The Grove Golf Club, London, UK.
Filmed by https://blueflagvisual.co.uk
Photography by http://www.headinshot.com
Clothes by https://www.kjus.com/fi/en/
Shoes by https://ducadelcosma.com
Golf equipment by https://www.honmagolfeurope.com