Post Round Stretching Routine for Golfers

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Immediately after the round is our first opportunity to begin recovering from 4-5 hours of walking and swinging a golf club, reducing our likelihood of injury and feeling able to play again the next day. Much like spending 10 minutes warming up before we play can save us some shots of the first few holes, spending 10 minutes stretching after a round can help us feel and move better, especially if we want to play again the next day. This is especially important if you’re playing in a tournament.

This routine will cover all the major muscle groups that were just working so hard during our round, including shoulders, hips, low back and forearms. Ideally, hold each position for 1-2 minutes and focus on deep breathing and trying to relax. The last exercise shown is a breathing exercise designed to get our nervous system into rest and recovery mode.

So before you hit the road or the 19th hole after your next round, spend a few minutes taking care of the most important piece of equipment you have for your golf game – your body!

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