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Dynamic Movement Complex with Kettlebell

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Power & Physique Systems offering on-line nutrition counseling,
meal planning, exercise logging program. Our Conditioning Program is perfect to prepare your best game and the 10 week challenge is perfect to start a body transformation.
10 Week Challenge – This is a unique program for weight loss that is user friendly and gives great results. The program design was put together by a team of our most experienced trainers. Our most proven methods for weight loss and body re0-composition are now available for you! You can use this program at home or at any gym. The program starts with an assessment. Each client fills out a health questionnaire that asks about health history, medications, injuries, surgeries, goals, etc. Two different types of body composition tests are performed to determine body fat level. We then take girth measurements to track loss of inches during the challenge. After all this info is collected, we then design a customized workout plan and make the proper dietary recommendations to put you on the fast track to fitness success! To insure accountability, Power and Physique Systems includes a 10 week Challenge Daily Journal so the client can track his or her daily nutritional intake. The journal also has sections for pictures, weekly skin fold measurements, menu ideas, motivational quotes and articles, and much more. If you are ready to make big changes in the way you look and feel; if you are tired of being overweight and having low energy – this program is for you! Call Power & Physique Systems for your appointment today. What are you waiting for? The time is now! Call us today to schedule your consultation! 520.327.3070
Give us a call at 520.327.3070 and ask us about what we can do you for, no matter your health or fitness goals. Athletic Development Program – Become the athlete you want to be! Our 10 week extensive program will strengthen, teach, and develop all the skills you need to take you to the next level. Group rates are available.
Bridal Boot Camp! Let our experienced Personal Training Staff get you in the best shape for your special day. We specialize in body transformation. Our trainers will take you through our comprehensive program designed for success! We can train just you or your entire wedding party!
Golf Conditioning Program! What we cover:
Body Fat Reduction, Balance and Agility,Core Strength, Development, Posture, Functional Strength Development (for all ages)
Ladies’ Strength, Increase Club Head Speed, Rotary Torso Speed and ROM (range of motion)
Our program is designed for the beginner to the professional to enhance all aspects of the golf game. Whether you are looking to better your short game or add distance and accuracy to your drive, this program is for you. Golf strength exercises are a must for all golfers. Take part in our cutting edge program offered by our nationally certified trainers and take your game to a new level!

Full service health club. Huge classroom, Private cardio area, Cleanest locker rooms and shower facilities in town. Performance room featuring 2 power platforms, dumbells up to 150lbs. 2 reverse hyper ext, glute ham raise, chains, bands. Althletic Performance Training.