Pre Round Warm Up Drills from Kai Fitness for Golf

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Get Free Report Now - Click Here (opens in a new tab) Kai Fusser and Charlotta Sorenstam of The Annika Academy give warm drills for pre golf round or pre driving range.

How does your warm up look like before you make your first swing for your practice and
play ? Most people will get out of their car, walk to the range, do two 5 second stretches against the cart and then they are good to go. What we have to realize is that the golf swing is a fairly violent movement that is not even all that natural for us. We spent up to 95 % of total energy output on a swing, especially us amateurs with a low efficiency movement. Therefore it is critical for us to warm up our entire body. We also should try to “wake up” our nervous system to get it ready for the high demands of the swing by doing exercises that require a certain degree of coordination.

The warm up does not have to be longer then 4-5 minutes and it should consist of moderate dynamic exercises, therefore I like Jump Roping (with rope or pretending without rope), Jumping Jacks to the side and front, Jumping with Side Rotation, light Lunges, Swinging of the arms etc. It is important to stay loose during these exercises and to “feel” the body move freely.

Stretching? in my opinion not of any advantage before playing, most of the time your muscles are not warm enough to be stretched and you don’t want to get into a range of motion past the range needed for the swing (then you would get into the range not supported by the muscles and put extra stress on the ligaments and tendons), also there is no evidence that stretching will prevent injury or improve performance.
I recommend doing some stretching after the round as the muscles like to tense up after play and to prevent some stiffness.