Professional Golf Entrepreneur Jaacob Bowden – Ep 008 The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast

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Welcome to Episode 8. Today we’re talking with Jaacob Bowden. It was actually hard to nail down an appropriate title for exactly what it is he does. Let’s just say, in the world of golf, he’s pretty much done it all. Jaacob is someone who understands the value of writing down his goals and plans, and then pursuing them step by step until achieved.

Take for example, his goal of becoming a professional golfer. You’d probably guess this was his childhood dream, something he fantasized about since he was a kid. Not exactly. Jaacob was 27 when he got started on this dream. And he was by no means a scratch golfer either. A 14 handicap, someone who admired the single digit player in his foursome. He was quite literally the average golfer. An average golfer with a superhuman belief system and a powerhouse work ethic.

His story blossoms from there into a beautiful picture of a late bloomer who falls in love with golf, and turns his love of the game into a budding entrepreneurial career. He’s an out of the box thinker, a swing speed teacher, an accomplished Speedgolfer, a senior writer for, and finally, with the recent release of Sterling Irons, a golf club innovator. Alright, I’ve said enough. Let’s catch up with Professional Golf Entrepreneur, (hopefully that sums it up), Jaacob Bowden.

I hope you enjoy our conversation with Jaacob Bowden. Definitely want to encourage you to check out his swing speed training program. Like he mentioned, most golfers have never done any swing speed training, and therefore can see massive gains in just a few weeks time. For his unique view on current topics and events in the world of golf, follow him on your social media platforms of choice: he’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.


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Facebook: /JaacobBowden
Twitter: @@jaacobbowden
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