Putting Aids: DIY Tool #1

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A 4 episode series of Putting Aids… you already have in your bag… or in a drawer at home.

The quote ‘Drive for show, Putt for dough’ is recited time and time again and that’s probably why there are more putting aids on the market than any other golf training aid. Putting is the one area where golfers feel that if they can improve, all is right in the world. Their game is saved. They can live happily ever after.

And this may be the case but it doesn’t mean you have to shell out money every week, month, or year on the latest and greatest putting aids. Dig around in your golf bag or rummage through your drawers at home and you’ll most likely find some great tools to help with your putting.

Some simple tools.

In this video, I’ll show you how two pennies can help you with your set up. The foundation that your putting stroke is built upon and survives on. Take 45 seconds, watch the video, grab a couple pennies, and improve your putting.

You’ll find that two pennies might work just as good as the putting aids you’ve bought in the past.

OK, let’s see how two pennies act as one of the SIMPLEST putting aids out there.

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