Putting Tuner: Pro golf training putting aid

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The Putting Tuner Pro golf training putting aid helps you putt like a pro! Use this golf putting aid to practice your routine, stance and stroke & develop more confidence. You’ll enjoy golf a lot more. After practicing with Putting Tuner…the hole looks like a bucket!

Of all the golf putting aids, Putting Tuner most helps you putt like a Pro, tune up your golf game, and save strokes! Putting Tuner is the golf training aid that creates a tighter target with the tuning fork, and kicks perfect putts right back to you. You get a musical note, and a great reward! Stand four to five feet away, and stroke firmly. Hear the music….stroke again!


You can use it on the putting green – (anywhere – even in the hole!) or on carpet in your home or office. Forget boring putting training and endless pro putting tips. Putting practice has never been such fun! As usual, the simplest tool does the best job. Putting Tuner teaches you to stroke firmly, with on-line accuracy to lower your score and put fun back in the game. Are you ready to brag about “putting out” with no yips or gimmes? Get ready to putt like a pro! The Putting Tuner is made from solid aluminum with a gold-colored anodized finish for quality and long life.

Many pros will suggest you find the most comfortable golf putter of choice. (It helps them sell clubs). It will work wonders for a while – until it becomes familiar and you concentrate less. Then it’s little better than the last one. How much did that putter cost? Real golf putting skill comes from setting aside time to practice putting. And putting practice is dependent on routine, stance and stroke. It’s that simple. Yes, there are distracting hills, valleys and nasty slopes on treacherous greens. But, you must have a pure stroke aimed at a distinct target for every putt alignment…no matter the desired destination. You MUST hit your chosen target. That’s what Putting Tuner is all about!

The funnest of golf aids, Putting Tuner makes a great gift for the golfer in your life! Ships in a cotton filled, black gift box with gold colored cord bow. They’ll remember you every time they putt…..and when they add their improved score.

Putting Tuner golf training aid is made in the USA.