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Any player that has serious intentions to improve their game would be best served to study effective driver drills that make the most of their limited time at the driving range.

Often, players arrive at the driving range with the best of intentions but ultimately waste their time training ineffectively.

Of course, in order to practice with efficiency, players must first familiarize themselves with the correct drills that will build accurate consistency in their driver game.

Renowned for his ability to reconstruct the game of a variety of golfers, George Gankas golf drills provide clear explanations to players in search of drastic improvements.

Known to the world as the GG Swing Method, George Gankas golf drills have been credited by golfers around the globe with being the difference maker in their own technique and performance on the course.

One of the core focal points for most golfers, coaching players on driving ability and consistency comprises much of Gankas’ time as a private instructor.

There are several key factors that golfers should incorporate into their typical driving range routine which will ultimately make the most of their practice and refine their existing driver performance.

Many people enjoy going to the driving range and ripping a few balls with their friends, especially at larger facilities that host group outings and get togethers.

Checking out one of these driving ranges can be fun and a great way to team build but for the golfer that seriously seeks to improve their game, you will always want to walk into the driving range with an agenda.

If you have not done so already, creating a swing routine will be the first step towards ensuring your visits to the range yield measurable results.

Setting up a routine way to practice your golf swing at the driving range will assist in establishing muscle memory and a consistent tempo that will begin to produce the shots that every golfer desires.

There are also huge benefits for a player’s mental golf game through establishing a consistent swing routine at the driving range.

Having the same steps in place for every shot taken at the range, which will then transfer over to the golf course creates a constant game time mindset for golfers, eliminating the feelings of self-doubt or pessimism which often plagues the minds of players that are new to the game.

Understandably, players will want to develop and improve several elements of their existing game, but arriving to the driving range without a plan can be compared to taking a road trip without a map.

Players should use the time at the driving range to familiarize themselves with the many clubs in their bag, but only plan on working with one club per session, especially when beginning your training as a golfer.

Once you’ve become comfortable with the clubs individually, consider using several clubs per outing, saving your driver practice for last.

Sometimes players will begin with the driver on day one and just hit the ball without any refinement or strategy.

Using your driver to crack balls all over the range may be great for stress relief but it will add nothing but frustration to your overall driving ability and aspirations for building a successful golf swing.

Make sure that you’re choosing the appropriate target and change your targets often during any session.

The variance in target selection will increase the fun you have at the driving range, especially once you’re able to hit your targets with consistency.


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