SETUP For Success With Your Irons VS Your Driver Using The Total Golf Trainer V2. Instant Feedback

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Setup with your irons versus your driver. Hi, I’m Michael Gish with Total Golf Trainer, and today we’re going to talk about how to setup for success with your irons versus your driver.

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So, before we get started make sure you subscribe, like, share, and comment below, so we can keep providing you with updated videos to learn your process and own your swing. Now we’re gonna get into the setup. Setup with irons versus driver. First of all we wanna talk about the design of these golf clubs.

So the design of our irons are naturally to be setup where the handle of the club is slightly in front of the head. This is how they were made. With the driver the difference is the handle of the club was designed to be slightly behind the club head, and not in front. This is a common mistake people make in the setup of a driver which de-lofts the club, getting a ball to go too low or causing them to flip the club at the ball to get the ball more in the air.

So at address, with our iron, we’re gonna make sure ball position-wise, the ball’s in the center, which is gonna allow the handle of the club to be slightly in front. We don’t want an exaggerated in the front, and we don’t want the handle of the club behind. So to help us get more consistent with the way we setup, we’re gonna be bringing in our Total Golf Trainer V2, which very simply attaches to the club, by popping right onto the back into the vent hole of the back of the club, and then securing down our Velcro straps.

Now I’m going to be able to have an indicator at address where my ball is pointing. If I have this rod and ball hidden underneath my lead forearm, that is gonna give me the indication and feedback that I’m setup correctly. If I see the ball and rod in between my arms, or behind, it’s gonna change the loft of my club and the direction in which my golf ball’s gonna go. So, again, at address, we’re gonna make sure that with irons the handle’s slightly in front, the way that they were made.

Now, very simply we’re gonna be able to just pop off our Total Golf Trainer, by undoing our Velcro straps, simply just pops right out of our club, we’re able to grab our driver. So this will fit any club from our US Kids to Jumbo Grips. Once again, we’re just gonna push down into the vent hole of the club, and secure with our Velcro straps.

So now with the driver, due to the ball position being forward, and due to the way that this club was designed and made, now you’re gonna notice the handle of the club, the red ball of the training rod pointed more towards the center of my body. If we get the training rod underneath our lead forearm like an iron, once again, we’ve de-lofted the club, and we’re not setting up for success. So with our driver we wanna make sure that we see the training rod pointed back towards our center, to get the correct loft and the correct setup, the way it is club was designed.

When we start to swing, then we’ll be trying to get the handle back in front coming into impact, versus starting here and returning and flipping the club to add loft. So this is a very important part of the golf swing, just the setup. If this setup isn’t done correctly, this is gonna affect the way you hit the golf ball. It’s gonna cause you to have to make more adjustments coming down, either to get the ball in the air, to stop the ball from curving, too many things can go wrong with the improper setup. So learn to setup for success.

Whether it’s an iron or a driver to help improve your golf game. Make sure you subscribe, like, and share, comment below so we could keep providing you with more updated videos to learn your process and own your swing. Now stay tuned to check out our next video on the take away.