SHOULDER IMPINGEMENT: 8 Exercises and Strategies to Treat it For Good

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Don’t let that nagging pinch continue on. This shoulder impingement rehab guide will teach you 8 effective exercises and strategies to treat it for good.

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Shoulder impingement is a common problem that can lead to major issues if not nipped in the bud. It’s especially common among people who do a lot of overhead movements, including weightlifting (think shoulder presses).

[1:01] The first step is to identify the Root Causes of shoulder impingement, including improper movement patterns and poor posture and mobility of the thoracic spine. I talk more about these throughout the video.

[2:00] Second, it’s important to Reduce Inflammation. I offer you a couple of strategies, including icing and a self-massage technique.

[5:26] Once you’ve rested and the inflammation and acute pain has decreased, you can move on to the third phase of shoulder impingement rehab: Resetting Your Movement Patterns.

This includes overcoming a common, but improper cue: keeping your scapulae down and back during moves like overhead press or pull ups.

[7:18] To combat this, I’ll show you a dissociation exercise to help break bad habits, reset natural scapulohumeral rhythm, and prime your neuromuscular system for proper overhead movement.

[8:28] Now that we’ve reset the movement pattern, we can start to Restore Shoulder Strength and Mobility.

In the video I give you 3 exercises, each addressing specific deficits that can contribute to shoulder impingement: T-Spine Mobilization [8:28], 4-Point T-Spine ERE Sequence [9:48], and the Overhead Doorway ERE [10:30].

[10:59] Finally, to wrap up our shoulder impingement rehab, we focus on Reprograming With Functional Integration.

I teach you two exercises that incorporate functional, compound movements: Overhead Wall Rollouts [11:28] and DB Arnold Press [11:58].

This high-level overview gives you an excellent framework for shoulder impingement rehab so you can fix the nagging pain for good and get back to doing what you love.

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