Simple Golf Swing Feel | How To Get Powerful Consistent Golf Swing Release

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Let’s watch simple golf swing feel. How to get powerful consistent golf swing release. Exponential golf swing –
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Simple golf swing feel. Get out of your own way how to get powerful consistent golf swing release confidently. In this golf lesson video, Alex Fortey show’s you simple golf swing technique. Learn more at

It is very easy to forget the golf swing but by watching this video, you’ll learn the best simple golf swing drills. This simple drill is a way to feel what the best technique of golf swing for beginners. I have found a simple way to feel like you literally know the best golf swing basics.

If you’re looking to know the best simple golf swing tips and know the secret golf swing drills so this video is for you. This video is designed very simple and easy to understand how to get a consistent golf swing. This is one of the best golf swing technique where you feel like you are a natural latent.

0:11 When we’ve got a beautiful iron shot, we want to hit the hole. We want to better hit it high all the way to the back of the green.

0:17 We want to be able to do it with confidence and a good bit of execution. We often get a bit bogged down with trying to hit into positions and getting our own way.

0:27 So, the only thing I want you to think about when you’re either on the Ranger on the golf course is to feel like you are literally getting out of your way. So, your arms can swing through without any restriction or force.

0:40 They’ll just go where you want them to. We’re not trying to manipulate them in any way or form. So especially on a nice shot like this really emphasize that feel clearing everything out the way.
So, the arms can just drop finish with a nice high extension and through the ball even if you’re a bit limited in mobility.

1:0 This can still help you. So here, we have 192 to the center of the green. I’m thinking about after choosing my intermediate point. I’m aiming for the fan what I’m trying to do is get out of my own way from that nice smooth backswing get out my own way and get a nice high draw to where to hit the golf shot that we want.

1:36 Now, ended up being a tiny bit short but the idea is I did do what I was trying to do. I told my brain what I was trying to do in the body came pretty close to accomplishing him.

1:44 Could have been better but could have been a lot worse. So let’s minimize risk, tell your body by what you want it to do by telling your brain what you want it to do and really.

1:55 Just let you know your natural instincts take over when you’re golfing.

Hope you enjoy this video and learn more about golf how to the powerful golf swing. I’m back soon with new video so stay connected to subscribe my channel.


Alex Fortey

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