Simple Golf Tip For Consistency That You Must Use on Every Shot You Play – Pick Your Target

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Simple Golf Tip For Consistency That You Must Use on Every Shot You Play – Pick Your Target. Best golf tip to improve consistency In your golf swing Let’s learn more at

Today we’re going to talk about visualization. And what I mean by that is, you know that you need to aim for something when you’re playing golf, yes? And you know that when you’re on the range, you’re probably thinking about improving your golf swing, trying to hit certain positions, you know, to increase your distance, speed, all this kind of stuff.

Now, what I’m going to tell you now is that you’re really going to revolutionize how you swing and how you play. Now, what it’s basically about is there’s a lot that can go into this, but I’m just giving a pretty quick overview right now.

Now, basically as soon as you sort of picking your target when you’re on the golf course or on the practice range here, you’ve got it in your mind. You know pretty much where you want to hit it. As soon as you set up to the ball, 95% of you, suddenly then think about your golf swing. You think about the positions that you need to hit in order to create that shot that you want.

Let’s say it’s to that white flag or the blue flag down there and you’ve got to, you know, that’s where I want to hit it, perhaps with a little draw, something like this.

So you set up to the ball and you think, “Okay, I’ve got that in my mind, so now I have to make a certain swing from the inside, let’s say, to make that happen.” As soon as you do that, it’s not going to work, because you’ve lost what your body is designed to do, which is react.

If I asked you to throw this ball towards that blue flag just there, you wouldn’t say, “Okay, I’ve got to hinge my wrist, I’ve got to load my right side, in order to get that there.” You’d just do it.

You’d have it in your mind and you’d pull the trigger and throw. The same applies to the golf swing. As soon as you take your mind off what you’re trying to do and focus on this to make it happen, it’s not going to happen, at least as not as frequently as you’d like.

So next time you go out and practice, I want you to pick your target, pick where you want to thread that ball too, and then when you set up to it, you can’t pause over the ball too much.

Just think, keep that target in your mind, and then swing. It’s really going to transform how you hit those shots and how well you hit those shots how often. Okay, try it. It will help.

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