Single Plane Moe Norman Golf Swing Secrets Episode 3—The 'Pendulum' Hands & Arms Motion

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In Episode 3 of Single Plane Moe Norman Golf Swing Secrets, @Todd Graves demonstrates how Moe Norman’s non-rotational hands and arms work in the backswing and downswing, making a simple “pendulum” swing, delivering the club squarely to the ball for solid and consistent impact with his Single Plane swing—similar to that of the Bryson DeChambeau swing on the PGA Tour.

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The simple golf swing mechanics of the Moe Norman Single Plane golf swing—learned first-hand by Graves Golf Co-founders Todd Graves and Tim Graves—has led PGA Tour Legends like Tiger Woods, Lee Trevino, Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Tom Watson, and others to call Moe the ‘World’s Greatest Ball-Striker”—someone who truly owns his swing. As Moe Norman’s legacy becomes more widely known even today, he continues to inspire golfers worldwide to learn his one-plane golf swing basics, a bio-mechanically correct motion that relieves stress on the back, simplifying the golf backswing and downswing, which allows golfers to increase clubhead speed and distance with consistent and solid impact. Learn more below about how you can finally discover what Moe Norman called, the “Feeling of Greatness.”

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Graves Golf is the Worldwide Authority on the SIMPLE & CONSISTENT Single Plane Golf Swing© of Moe Norman—the legendary Canadian golfer who many Tour Pros regarded as the World’s Greatest Ball-striker. Graves Golf is a hub for complete golf game instruction across the United States with in-person golf camps and online training at

We’re led by Todd Graves—known as “Little Moe” after spending years training with Moe Norman himself and mastering his move—and Tim Graves, PGA certified and Callaway Master Professional named the 2020 Senior Player of the Year in the South Central PGA.

Beginning at grip & address, the Single Plane Swing simplifies the most important moment of the golf swing—impact. Consistency off the tee and fairway combined with a fundamentally sound scoring game can help you have fun playing golf at any level.

Book by Todd Graves “The Single Plane Golf Swing: Play Better Golf the Moe Norman Way”