SLOWER Golf Swing = DEEPER Distance

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Most amateurs take to the range or golf course determined to have a rapid fire fast golf swing.

Many of these players have come to associate a fast swing with added depth and even precision.

Unfortunately, the majority of these players are actually killing their swing by moving there arms way faster than their bodies can rotate.

Because their arms are significantly ahead of their body rotation, the resulting shot will be very underwhelming.

Practitioners of the GG Swing Method understand that in order to produce their desired golf swing, they must allow their upper body to move naturally with their arms, as depicted in countless hours of George Gankas golf lessons.

George Gankas golf philosophy emphasises the importance of building upon the natural movements and rotations found in our body, in order to produce an effective golf swing that will eventually because natural motion for the player.

If a player begins to dabble in the sport of golf, chances are they’ve yet to take up a formal lesson with a skilled instructor, so one could understand why they associate rapid arm movement with added depth to their shot.

However, any amateurs who continuously swings this way will learn very soon that something isn’t right with their approach.

As appealing as a rapid swing may be to the eye, the end result will only create frustration and embarrassment for the player, so much so that they may even consider discontinuing the sport altogether.

Players will come to understand that the faster they’re swinging the golf club, the more tense their arms and wrists will become as they approach the impact position.

This tension in the wrists will cause a delayed release and also prohibit their arms from reaching their full extension.

Adding such speed to your arms will also make it impossible to make a solid impact with the clubface.

The rapid nature of the golf swing will have a negative influence on the positioning of the clubface and cause an unpredictable connection at the point of impact.

Even if your rapid arm speed feels like you’re hitting the ball harder, you’re likely losing any added yards you’d wish to gain through the simple imbalance the speed has caused in your golf swing.

At the end of the day, overcompensation of our arm speed will drastically imbalance our swing, while making it virtually impossible to predict the placement of your clubhead at the point of impact.

Anyone who regularly tunes into the pro tours will agree that professional golfers do not have fast looking golf swings.

The golf swings produced by the pros have the appearance of a fine tuned, natural motion that the player has crafted over countless hours of practice and competing with other high level golfers.

Though swinging the golf club at a more natural, reduced speed may feel like you’re losing force, understand that allowing your upper body and arms to work together to hit the ball will add more yards to your shots, also making your overall golf swing more predictable.

Over time as you begin to see immediate results from swinging your golf club slower, it will become a natural motion for your body to swing your arms at a reduced rate.

Many players benefit from clearing their minds altogether during their golf swing, as focusing solely on impact with the ball will often make any player speed up their arms.

If you must have something in mind relating to your golf swing during play, focus on rotating your upper body and transferring your weight during the swing.


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