Sports Psychology: The Importance of Having a Golf Routine / Pre-Shot Routine

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Dr. Sarah Castillo, the Director of the Sports Psychology Program at National University, explains why having a golf routine is important. To discuss this golf tip with other golfers and share your own leave a comment below. We look forward to your feedback.

Dialog from the Video

Hi I’m Dr. Sarah Castillo and I’m the Director of the Sports Psychology Program at National University. I’m going to talk to you a little about the importance of a routine. All human beings are creatures of habit. Anything that we do over and over again, whether it’s good or bad, we’re likely to repeat. So the more often you do something the more likely you’re going to cue your brain and cue your body to execute the same response. Think about it this way. When you drive to work or to school everyday, you take exactly the same route. You know the directions by heart, you know what time you have to leave the house, and chances are, even if you have to make some adjustments for traffic, or take a different route, you’re going to make it to work, and home, at about the same time everyday. There’s no thinking about it and you can devote all your attention to getting there and getting back safely.

The same holds true in golf. Routines in golf serve the same purpose as they do driving to work. They help your brain and your body. First they make it easy for your brain to mentally focus on the important pieces of each shot. When it comes to your body, you’re actually cuing your body with the routine to narrow in your focus and to execute the physical movements that you’ve practiced time and time again.

Everyone’s pre-shot routines are going to be different. You may need to settle back and forth over the ball just to make sure that you have a good stance. You may just want to step directly in. You may take one practice swing, you might take three. The key isn’t that it has to look like everybody else’s. But once you decide what your consistent pre-shot routine is going to be, do it every time. Stick with it. There’s no need to make adjustments whatsoever.

Remember, the key to this is to get you mind mentally focused on the shot and get your body ready to execute what it knows it needs to do. The more you consistently execute your pre-shot routine, the more your brain and your body are going to be able to help you make that shot. Good luck out there.


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