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This video is essential for you to watch otherwise you might find learning the golf swing very difficult. Before you use the GForce Swing Trainer or any golf club or training aid you need to learn how to power your golf swing and how to get consistent solid contact. This is down to 1) centred pivot and 2) turning your shoulders down to towards the ground as this helps to maintain your spine angle improving your contact with the ball. This is the only chance you have of using a training aid or golf club effectively because they don’t do the job for you like they claim 🙂

Theses are the 2 most important parts needed to play amazing golf and get enjoyment from striking the ball out of the centre of the clubface over and over again. If you come up out of your spine angle you will never consistently strike the ball, and if you don’t pivot correctly (stay centred) you will not generate effortless clubhead speed and have to make up for lost speed by forcing the club through with your arms, something the GForce Swing Trainers will highlight for you..!

The pivot is also responsible for your swing Tempo and Rhythm, just like a clock pendulum works based around a good pivot which is what gives it great rhythm, tempo and timing. The GForce Swing Trainer will highlight any flaws in your Pivot, Shoulder Turn, Rhythm, Tempo, Timing, Transition, Lag, Release, Sequencing and Speed. Along with my online instruction and swing trainers I can make you a better golfer or I will give you your money back if you are not happy with my swing trainers, and my instruction is completely FREE on my channel..!

I got all my swing data backed up from the past 20 years coaching from the world’s best golf swing motion capture system in the world with swing data from the best players on tour and 1000’s of amateurs to compare against to bring you the best and most accurate information for FREE..! no sign up, no credit card, no subscription, nothing..! watch me or switch off I will not bombard you with useless trash but just a small selection of accurate simple easy to follow videos from my 20+ years of research.

My Recommendations

This simple easy to understand book by Michael Neff founder of Gears Golf and pioneer of 3d golf swing analysis back in the early days 2004 with TaylorMade Golf. I wish I knew this guy back then when I was struggling as a coach to find good information.

I recommend 2 companies where I gained a lot of my knowledge from over the years and recommend. These guys were the pioneers of online instruction.

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