Strengthen Your Core For More Golf Power Part 1

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In this video, GolfGym creator, Ken Pierce demonstrates some exercises and movement patterns to develop strength in your core using the GolfGym PowerBand/Hip Trainer. This is the first of 3 videos with exercises to develop your core muscles. These exercises will also develop stability in your golf stance and golf posture.
Develop More Flexibility, Stability and Rotational Strength with The NEW GolfGym PowerBand.

Former World Long Drive Champion, Jason Zubak, is quoted as saying, “The oblique and transverse abdominal muscles are the main muscles involved in trunk rotation. In addition to rotating the trunk, these muscles have the additional benefit of bracing the spine thus protecting it from injury. The POWER and PROTECTION offered by the abdominal/core muscles makes them the most important golf muscles in the body.”


These simple and effective core strengthening exercises should be performed every other day to get the maximum benefit to your core/rotational development.

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