Strengthening Exercises for Golfers

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Hey guys! Welcome to another addition of Fitness Friday!

Today we’re talking about how to build a workout to increase strength that will help us on the course. Many golfers, heck, even a lot of trainers, can feel overwhelmed by all the exercises they could choose from. I’m going to give you a simple checklist to use. Pick a few exercises from each category, and you’ll have built yourself a great workout!

The first category we’re going to talk about is squatting, or knee dominant, exercises. These exercises cover some of the strongest, most powerful, muscles of the body. The muscles that allow us to create a stable base, use the ground, and maximize speed!

3 of my favorite exercises from this category are the Goblet Squat, Split Squat and Lateral Squat. If you include at least one of these exercises, you’ll have checked a very important box in building a great workout. 2-4 sets of 6-10 reps will get the job done. Each of these exercises can be made easier or harder, which I can go over in another video. Try to vary the exercise that you choose for your workout at least every 4 weeks.

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