Suspension Revolution Review – TRX Training Workouts

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suspension revolution workouts that’ll get you ripped, shredded and with a six-pack to die for! What’s that all about then? Well, it’s what Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution program is promising, saying it will blast the fat away and build muscle like you’ve never seen before.

4-week beginner suspension revolution: Don’t be offended by the word ‘beginner,’ even though you’re likely to be a fitness veteran. What this program does is literally wake up those muscles that normal workouts don’t even touch, and get you prepared for the next level. And it also starts with the fat burning process, and getting that chiseled muscle look that you’re determined to achieve.
4-week intermediate suspension revolution: Having primed your muscles over the previous month, you’ll move onto new and progressive workouts. This continues with the fat burning and muscle gain, bringing on brand new stimuli that effectively prevent any chance of a plateau.
12 week advanced suspension revolution: With eight weeks already under your belt, your body is now ready to go into ‘kill mode.’ In other word, take on the tough suspension techniques and exercises that will see you breaking all fat loss and muscle sculpting records, revealing that sleek, ripped body that’s just waiting to be shown off to the world.
Strap after burn finishers: Here, Dan’s teamed up with Mike Whittfield to create a wonderfully effective selection of after-burn finishers that you can tag onto any of the Suspension Revolution workouts. These are short but extremely effective, and replace those boring cardio and interval training sessions that eat into your spare time.
Top 10 suspension exercises: That no-one else does…. All designed to help you burn even more fat.

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