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Stop your sway by improving your body performance. Better Performance Better Golf !!!

Precision Performance Video #3: The Sway

Presented by: Ted Bonham and Jonathan Dudley

Do you want to play better golf? Did you know that you can play better with increased body performance?

This is our “THIRD” out of “FOUR” videos that we are covering regarding the “Four Common Swing Faults”

In this video we are going to cover the following:

1. Describe the following swing fault: “The Sway”
2. Test yourself and see if you have limitations. Physical Test: “ONE LEGGED FOOT SWINGS”
* Note While performing this test if you do the following you have a pretty serious performance leak..*

1. Your leg DOES NOT swing in a crescent shape ( In other words only swings side to side )
2. You cannot keep your balance while you perform this test

3. Find how to perform an exercise that will help you improve your body performance

If you found there were limits performing this test check out the following exercise below.

A great performance drill is: STORK TURNS SUPPORTED

Find a GOLF CLUB and get started today !!!

1. Stand with your legs together and hold the clubhead with both hands while resting the handle on the ground
2. Take your right ankle and place it behind your left knee(your right knee is now pointed in the same direction of your right hip)
3. While balanced on your left leg and arms on club rotate your hips so your right knee rotates in between the front of your body and the club
4. Now when you reach your limit rotate back to your original starting position and see if you can increase your original hip rotation. Repeat.
4. Do this ten times on this side and switch legs after you finish ( Do 3 sets of 10)

This is a great movement for hip rotation and stability!

If this simple exercise has peaked your interest come join us to improve your performance today !!!

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