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Whether it be an amateur or a tour level golfer, everyone wants to improve their swing. Even the most casual players would find way more enjoyment in their game if they were able to maneuver the club even 10% better than they are now. Understanding how to perform a consistent and concise golf swing will open many doors for players who may have otherwise given up on the sport.

Countless golfers from around the globe have credited George Gankas golf lessons with providing them with the knowledge to improve their overall playing experience. As players from nearly every country where golf exists searched the internet for video instruction, George Gankas golf lessons became the standout method to drastic improvements in very little time.

Any impressive swing you’ll ever see on the golf course starts with balance. Most players that you see having issues with their swings are often exhibiting the signs of flawed, imbalanced motion. These players often lunge forward, slip backward, and pull away from their intended target. Establishing good balance throughout the entirety of your golf will begins with a good setup at address. Make sure that you’re keeping your head positioned behind the golf ball, with your lead shoulder just below the trail side. Player should also make sure that each shoulder remains parallel to their intended target during address.

All great golf swings also have a solid takeaway. Players who exhibit a proper takeaway are always sure to keep the clubhead traveling straight backward along their target line. During the takeway, the clubface should always be facing the golf ball up until hinging your wrist. Keeping your arms out in front of your chest will also signal that a proper takeaway has been achieved.

Keep an eye on how your knees are flexing during the takeaway. Your trail knee should be pointing at the golf ball during the takeaway. This will ensure that a tighter coil has been established at the top of your golf swing. There are several drills that can assist in building a better golf swing, but you must put these theories into practice if you ever wish to improve.


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