Swing Machine Setup & Adjustment

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Adjusting and Setting Up the Machine

Congratulations! You have discovered the best golf-specific training and fitness station available. Let’s take a quick overview of the Golf Fit Swing Master’s adjust-ability and use so you can start today playing Longer, Straighter, Better golf and improving your overall level of fitness.

Height Adjustment
(Club and Gym Model) To adjust the height of the Club and Gym model, stand on the platform, turn the hand-wheel counter-clockwise as shown here to loosen the Tower-lock. Now raise or lower the Tower until your height reads above the “V” notch. Turn the hand-wheel clockwise to tighten using hand tension only.

(Home Model) The easiest way to change the height setting on the Home Model is to go to the front of the unit as shown here and position your right leg under the Tower until the lower end cap rests on the top of your thigh. Now, by flexing your right foot, lift the Tower enough to remove the magnetic retaining pin (Now your leg is supporting the full weight of the Tower so DO NOT remove your leg or the tower will fall) While your right leg is supporting the Tower’s weight, raise or lower the Tower until your height reads in the “V” notch and then replace the magnetic pin. Be sure the magnetic pin is inserted completely. Once the pin is fully inserted you may return to the platform and begin exercising.

Setting the starting positions of the swing arm-
While standing on the platform place your left hand on the swing-arm several inches from the swing arm pivot block. Now, depending on which model you are using, either remove the red magnetic pin from the opposite end of the Swing Arm pivot block or pull down on the spring pin to release the swing arm so it rotates freely around the pivot point. Now position the swing arm in either the 10:30, 1:30, 4:30 or 7:30 position as shown here and release the spring pin or replace the magnetic pin until fully inserted.

Tension Adjustment-
Step away form the exercise platform and go to the front of the unit as shown here. Be sure the height setting is on 5-8 or lower so the tension indicator window is viewable. Insert the adjustment tool fully into the bottom of the tower and turn slightly until you feel it engage the internal drive. While holding the gripping sleeve in your left hand, turn the handle knob with your right hand and rotate clockwise to increase tension and counter-clockwise to decrease tension. You can view the tension status as you do this by glancing at the tension indicator as shown here. After adjusting the tension, return to your height setting and continue your workout.

Now that the Golf-Fit Swing Master is adjusted for your height and resistance preference, place the swing arm in either the 10:30, 1:30, 4:30 or 7:30 position and begin your golf-specific workout program.

(WARNING: while exercising, never release the swing arm grip until you have returned to a neutral starting position. Releasing the swing grip while under tension could result in personal injury or damage to this equipment.

We recommend starting your training on this equipment using the lightest resistance until all the involved muscle groups are accustomed to this golf-specific challenge.

If you experience any pain, dizziness, shortness of breath or any physical discomfort in connection with the use of this equipment, discontinue use and consult your health-care professional

Please note: these exercises are explained for right-handed golfers. Please reverse these instructions to execute these drills left handed. We highly recommend performing these drills and exercises in both directions to achieve balanced stretching and strengthening.