Tai Chi for Golf – Secret Breathing Technique for Driver

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Tai Chi for Golf, Secret Breathing Technique for Driver! You can apply the breathing of Tai Chi to every shot but in this video we are applying it to the Tee Shot with a Driver and to our Golfing pre shot routine!

1) Stand behind the ball
2) Visualize your shot and take breath #1 to Dan Tian
3) Approach ball and take your address position.
4) Adjust Feet (waggle) and take breath #2. Exhale as you spot your target again.
5) Rehearse Swing Path back as you Inhale (breath #3) and return to ball as you exhale
6) Inhale and spot target for last time (breath #4) then exhale and GO!

4 breaths per shot to improve your Golf Game. Stay Tuned for the Next Lesson!

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