TB12 Home Turf Series Workout #7: Strength and Stability for Runners

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Stride into this week’s Home Turf workout for a fun and challenging circuit made for all of you runners out there!

Today’s workout was designed to help you activate your glutes and develop more explosive leg strength. Running can put significant strain on the muscles and joints in the lower body, so we don’t want to add to that by overloading ourselves with heavy weights. Resistance bands allow runners to train hard and strengthen key areas without increasing their risk of injury – a crucial part of developing longevity. Here’s this week’s workout:

-Glute Bridge
-Lateral Band Walk
-Glute Med Side Plank
-Four Directional Toe Taps
-Front Resisted Squat
-Alternating Split Squat Jumps

Grab your Long Looped Band and Short Looped Band and let’s go!